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Skin and Laser Clinic

Dr. Jyoti Skin and Laser Clinic

The team at Dr Jyoti Clinic spends significant time in diagnosing the skin on the basis of tests and procedures. The state-of-the-art procedure helps us categorise treatment on the basis of age, gender, skin type, environmental impacts, exposure levels and personal lifestyle. The detailed analysis helps us in taking appropriate treatment. We offer diversified Anti-Aging & Anti-Wrinkle Treatment in Patna.

The intensive level of course-of-action planned by our expert's help’s not only in resolving the skin issue but having a futuristic approach. The years of exquisite service has earned us the accolade of “Dr Jyoti Clinic in Patna's Best Skin and Hair Clinic”. Our serious efforts have led to a beautiful transformation. The diversified services offered include Laser Hair Removal, Skin are Dermal Fillers, Anti-Pigmentation Treatment, Medi Facials, Skin Aging, Skin Whitening, Body Contouring, Acne Scar Removal Dermatologists in Patna and many more.

Explore Our Facilities

Fractional Laser

: Dr Jyoti’s Skin and Laser Clinic has come with advanced laser hair removal treatment. The team can help you with the issue of hair removal permanently.

Chemical Peels

Acne being a prominent issue can be easily resolved through chemical peels method. These treatments can help exfoliate dead skin cells with mild acids under our Anti-Acne Treatment in Patna.


Our experts ensure an easy and seamless recovery. One might experience mild sunburn sensations for about an hour or even a pinkish tone for about 5 to 7 days.

It is a special type of exfoliation technique that helps in removing dead skin cells. This process opens the prospects for new cells to come upon the surface, leading to the soft, glowing and smooth look. The skin processing adopted help in improvising acne, fine lines, spots and skin texture. The amalgamation of preciousingredients along with exfoliation helps us attain desired results through Best skin Doctors in Patna. Incorporating a special procedure through moisturising and toning under skin polishing are special attributes at Dr Jyoti’s Clinic.
Considering Tattoo permanent has become the talk of the past. At Jyoti’s clinic, we bring special partial and permanent Best Laser Clinic in Patna procedures. In general,the tattoo is removed under laser therapy, wherethe ink in tattoo is broken down. The very speciality of this procedure adopted is it being rapid and harmless. Intensive laser light helps breakdown liquid ink prevalent in the pores. This treatment offers liable results with a couple of visits. It is quite normal for one to experience a couple of blistering under any wavelength. Get your years old Tattoo’s removed with our experts guided procedures in Best Tattoo removal Technique in Patna.

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