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Birthmark Removal In Patna


Birthmarks are splotches on the skin that vary in size, shape and color. They can appear anywhere on the skin, from an inconspicuous place to a location that is more prominent, such as on the face. In some cases, birthmarks can become a health risk, especially on the face or eyelids as they can be a sign of eye or brain problems. Birthmarks can now be removed with the advent of laser technology. By using Q Switch Laser, birthmarks can now be easily and precisely removed. The laser treatment is used to lighten the dark tones of birthmarks. Laser treatments of birthmarks can take anywhere from only a few minutes to several hours, depending on the size, shape and intensity of the birthmark.

birthmark removal in patna

The risks to laser birthmark removal are minimal. In some cases, uneven skin tone, excessively light or dark areas of skin may occur. There is some risk of 'patches' forming, darker areas surrounded by lighter areas of treated skin. Most of these cosmetic risks are corrected by a secondary laser treatment. In some cases, although quite rare, some bleeding, scabbing and bruising can occur.
There is very little healing time after the removal of a birthmark. In some cases, some bruising and tenderness may occur at the site of the birthmark, but usually fades within one week.

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