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PRP Hair Treatment in Patna

Platelets Rich Plasma Treatment(PRP)

Platelet rich plasma (PRP) is a blood plasma that has been supplemented with platelets, enriched with numerous growth factors and other cytokines which enhance the growth of skin and hair. The plasma with platelets is collected in a tube by the process known as centrifugation. The platelets with rich plasma is very useful in tissue regeneration.

Platelets rich Plasma treatment(PRP) is an effective and modern treatment which is done on face to reduce wrinkles, lines and scars. This treatment is highly effective on hair treatment as well.

best PRP treatment in patna

Hair Treatment with PRP

People who have thinning hair, male pattern baldness and woman with male pattern alopecia can take advantage from the PRP treatment. The growth factors included in the PRP stimulate the hair follicle's growth.

Using one's own blood PRP hair therapy can naturally and safely increase hair count for men and woman. Elements that have been processed from blood enhance the hair growth when re injected in the scalp.

Study suggests that regular or semi-annual PRP treatments can stimulate the hair growth and patients will see a few mass of hair after few treatments.

This treatment can be utilized to regrow thinning hair thicker and fuller and prevent the hair fall further. Platelet Rich Plasma looks to directly supply the thinning hair follicle with the nutrients it needed to continue growing thicker, fuller and healthier hair.

Skin treatment with PRP

PRP is good for skin treatment which rejuvenates the skin and dark circles around eye. PRP promotes remodelling in aged skin by activating the dermal fibroblasts which is essential for rejuvenation of aged skin. This treatment may be used as an alternative to lasers for skin rejuvenation in cosmetic dermatology.

Skin rejuvenation

This method is effective to treat fine lines which naturally reduces wrinkles and blemishes such as acne scars improving the texture and tone. As one is using their own tissue growth factors and healing properties, Platelets plasma skin rejuvenation therapy is a natural way to improve the overall condition of skin. This treatment rejuvenate the skin by increasing the blood supply and enhance the collagen formation. The results which improves and increases over time with evidence suggests that the outcome of PRP Skin Rejuvenation Therapy lasts longer than chemical treatments.

Anti aging

PRP treatment is a very good method to treat for those who are not interested in fillers or botox. This will give the skin more natural radiance and glow and its a natural approach to anti ageing. The result is fresher look than before without applying any foreign agent into the skin.

Scar treatments

Though the traditional methods of scar treatment are effective, they do not always give the purposeful improvement in the appearance of the scar and takes time for the recovery. PRP a minimally invasive scar reduction method could give a significant improvement in appearance with no downtime ,it's very effective for facial scars caused by acne or surgery and keloids.

Benefits of using PRP.

As the PRP procedure involves the drawing of one's own blood there is no risk involved, the side effect is minimal with treatment on skin and hair and risk of infection is very less. The treatment will last for an hour only Medical practice has shown that the PRP therapy to be very effective which helps patients to return to their normal lives.

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